Geoinformation system for interactive exploration of MISIS University buildings, guide to places of interest and points of attraction
  • A digital twin with an interface based on computer vision and image processing technology
  • Cross-platform service available on any device: from phone to virtual reality headset
  • Cloud computing with interactive viewing of 3D models and panoramas

It is an interactive 3D model of a real space that allows people to interact virtually with a physical representation of the university campus

01 — Virtual tour

The map is a schematic location of all MISIS University buildings.

To interact with the map, click on the letter of the hull to see all the places that are available for virtual travel

map map

  The project is based on the technology of creating a digital doppelganger for sharing spaces in an immersive format

02 — Campus History

There is  a long history behind the creation of the virtual campus, which began in 1918, when the Moscow Mining Academy was founded.